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Saaiq | Sharia Investments
Money in Islam 1

Money Money in Islam deviates far from the conventional wisdom of economics….

Saaiq | Sharia Investments

Zakat is the mandatory divine obligation in terms of charity contribution and…

Saaiq | Sharia Investments
Riba free world

Interest or Riba Interest is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as, “Money paid…

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A noble effort to to simplify the intricacies of Sharia Investments related to personal finance for you and me, the common people. In the coming days will strive to provide you with the best of our abilities a unique perspective to Sharia finance and how to apply it in creation, purification and sustenance of your wealth.

We welcome you to this platform to share your thoughts, views, opinions and doubts so as to create a better meaning to ethical wealth creation and dignified sustenance here and hereafter. More over create an environment to practice ethical and just investment principles in our day to today life.

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